3d Traceroute

3d Traceroute Free

Visualize your IP route

With3d traceroute you'll be able to visualize the redirects and paths your IP takes in 3dimensional diagrams. It has the following features:

  • 3d traceroute display of multiple graphics modification options
  • Statistics window
  • The usual data view with lots of features
  • Long period Ping and HTTP monitor
  • Whois query
  • Record and playback
  • Built in browser
  • ASN inspector
  • NSLookup with UDP and TCP and zone transfer capability
  • Day and Night trace
  • Command-line execution mode
  • Passive OS fingerprinting
  • Three different Portscanner (knows 3,612 well known ports)
  • Analyze eMail headers against RBLs
  • # Connection viewer for TCP, IP, UDP etc. statistics
  • HTTP Spy to query HTTP-headers and webpages

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3d Traceroute


3d Traceroute Free